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Meena Mehta

I majored in Graphic Design at the Massachusetts College of Art, and just completed a Certificate course in Advanced Web and Interaction Design with distinction, from the UCLA Extension School. 

I balanced my day job freelancing full time with personal creative work like watercolor paintings, learning Hindustani vocal, and volunteering for Ekal to help bring education to the remotest part of India. This balance allowed me to fulfill and pursue my various passions, each enriching and balancing out the others.

My creative approach is to first determine what I am trying to communicate, then try to have fun with it, whether it is with typography, color, or medium. I do several iterations of various directions I like to explore, and usually end up refining the one the client and I both agree upon.

For me, this is an exciting time, as I am super charged about applying what I have learned, and help my clients with even wider offerings, depth of knowledge, and understanding.  





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